Public Relations Firms Are Endorsing The Client Electronically

The advancement of technology has brought colossal of transformation in the Public Relations industry and has outsmarted the traditional mechanism in a few years. Promoting the brand through social media has become relevant today as it is easy now to share a short video or picture that narrates the story on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This has led to an increase in the number of Indian PR firms, who are promoting the client electronically. With the advanced internet tools, the agencies can now establish a two-way communication process between the brand and its target audience that was not previously possible with the PR agencies in India. Through the E-PR the promotion has become easy & simple for the Indian PR agencies.

Let us take a sneak peek into how the technology has changed the PR Industry:

Media Relations
Gone are the days, when a fax machine was the only means of transmitting a press release to a journalist. The clarion call of technology has invited change and today PR agencies across the world use social media or email to send press releases or pitches. The modern-day sophisticated media databases have replaced the old Rolodex, which allows one to search, prepare lists and also to send out press releases, all from one platform. Today the Indian PR companies are fast evolving with the use of technology, and their number has doubled in the recent past. To mention the best PR agencies in India, there is only a handful of them, like MSL, Media Mantra, Adfactors, etc.

PR will always be a people-driven industry where research still plays a pivotal role. With the use of technology, research has come a long way. Today, PR firms in India have many ways to research at their fingertips. Of course, Google is one of the most excellent tools, but there is no end to media databases PR Professional can pay for to get access to information on journalists and publications and quickly build media lists. For a content writer, working for a PR agency, research is essential. With Google, a content writer can easily create the content rather than relying on the older method of visiting libraries where one has to read a lot with limited resources. All these used to be time taking with a lot of hassles involved.

Crisis Management
The use of technology has widened the scope of the PR industry and has made the work of crisis management hassle-free and quick. Taking your message before social media to control the crisis done has become much simpler than that of the earlier day’s process of managing it, which used to take hours in planning and to respond to it. Earlier, when the crisis hit your client, being a PR Professional, you would first issue a press release. The Indian PR firms are known to effectively handle crisis management through the use of specific platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as these are known as the double-edged sword of crisis management. PR firms in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore prevent social media crises by creating a solid social media policy for its clients. The details of the social media policy vary from company to company based on factors like the size and type of a company. The PR Company’s crisis management plan would include drafting statements that could be tailored to the specific situation. Today, crisis management inevitably involves social media, whether you are a large multi-national corporation or a small hometown business.

Media monitoring
Although India is new in the field of adopting technology, its constant use is becoming a new phenomenon in the PR sector. Earlier PR agencies used to do media monitoring using traditional media; today, social media is used is for media monitoring. The process is used by different PR agencies across Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to identify and determine what is said regarding a brand, individual or product through various social and online channels. Today PR agencies in India can prevent PR crises, lead to faster response time. The PR agencies in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore can maintain a positive brand image among consumers and also identify potential influencers. There are several social media tools that help a person pick out relevant social media tools to help PR professionals.

It is a future
The technology-enabled Public Relations companies in India are set to stay here and promise to clock a healthy growth in the future. With a vast prospect yet to be unraveled, it can be said that the Public Relations companies in India that are promoting the client electronically will be of great significance in shaping the next generation PR firms in India. The PR agency should adapt itself to the changing trend and follow it for the profit of its clients and its success. With hindsight, good PR is one that promotes not only a growing or existing brands of the company but also new brands or startup. So if you are a PR agency that has not yet adopted the technology, now better buckle up and get ready for the new trend.

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