How To Strengthen Your PR Strategy In 2020

With new developments constantly on the horizon, PR agency is having an exciting time. In the fast-paced environment of PR, if you want to thrive, you must constantly stay updated with emerging technologies and changing consumer expectations. With so many factors in play and new technologies springing up, right now is the perfect time to start updating to ensure you are ahead of the game. As we have already entered the new year, let’s explore top PR priorities and trends in 2020 that you must stay updated with.

  1. Industry SpecialisationWe understand professional agencies are in demand more than ever, to support the communications objectives of a business. But what we need to know is that businesses are preferring PR firms that are focussed on one industry. To stay ahead of the competitors in your industry, choose a PR firm that demonstrates a deep understanding of your business. We expect an increased demand for specialized PR firms in 2020.
  2. Data Influenced Campaigns: We are well informed that data plays a large role in curating Public Relations campaigns and measuring their impact, but it is projected to be even more important in driving value for PR firms in 2020. Thanks to technological advancements, data, now, is more accurate than ever which makes it obvious to influence campaign execution and evaluation process. The PR industry will use the data to build focused campaigns to reach a more targeted audience.
  3. PR Firms Partnerships: Every firm has a specialization, but it is impossible for any firm, in any industry, to be best at everything. When working on larger or challenging campaigns, PR firms may be able to meet some of a client’s needs but usually, it is nearly impossible to meet all their needs. In 2020, we foresee more strategic partnerships between PR firms when working on multi-faceted or larger campaigns.
  4. Increased Demand for Accurate and Authentic ContentContent is the backbone of a brand’s value and has become a key part of PR strategies. People nowadays are more careful than ever about the content they consume, therefore, demanding more accuracy and transparency from the story’s brands tell. This makes it important for firms in Public Relations sector to come up with honest and authentic content and for clients to opt for such a PR firm. 
  5. Technological AdvancementsWith so much to do and manage to do it efficiently, PR firms are actively looking for new tools and technologies to manage data collection, tasks, and media monitoring in a smooth manner. 2020 is anticipated to be the year of introduction of new and more importantly, affordable technologies in Public Relations sector. Affordable technologies would enable PR firms to manage a better ROI for their clients. Also, it is vital for clients to stay updated with these technological advancements to filter and customise their requirements.

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