The Changing Dynamics of Digital Media

The digital era has and shall continue to influence social trends, which directly affects the consumer behaviour and choices. Change in consumption patterns can be tricky to understand or even recognise, and so brands today need to adapt their customer service accordingly. The ever-evolving digital media has opened up new possibilities of growth for brands.

Role of PR in Helping Brands be Self-Reliant

With the ever-increasing demand for Public Relations services, a paradigm shift in a PR firm’s corporate budget issuance can be witnessed in the post-pandemic era. Brands are most likely to rebuild their position through an impactful narrative in the post-pandemic life. Going forward, brands are expected to struggle to reduce investments and garner maximum ‘Return on Investment’.

Creating Robust Strategies for Start-ups

It’s a no-brainer that to grow, a startup requires effective and consistent promotion – and there are few things that will give an organization the boost that it needs as profitably as a press coverage will do. This is because PR converts and generates conversion rates way more than advertising does. Hence, start-ups need to adopt a proactive approach towards PR for their own success.

Role of PR in Crisis Management

PR firms are specialists in creating and maintaining reputations and their expertise can be used to build rapport with customers, employees, investors, and the general public. PR specialists focus on building rapport with the public with the use of right words and right campaigns.

The Act of Public Relations for Online Gaming

The gaming industry has undergone a revolution in recent years. This is one industry that is poised to become one of the most significant sectors in the coming decade. From being a taboo to gaining mainstream recognition, the Indian online gaming industry is growing exponentially year after year. It is expected to be worth $1.1 billion by 2021, as per a report by Google-KMPG.

Does Your Business Graph Get Down Due to Pandemic?

The coronavirus has become both public health and a PR challenge. Marketers are rushing to launch campaigns and adjusting communication that fits the time. At the same time, they are pondering as to when they can restart their advertising machine. The PR industry is re-writing its playbook to pitch reporters in the pandemic situation. PR executives are pulling media stories, ads, and campaigns that fit the current times.

Coronavirus lockdown- How Serious Could be the Impact on Businesses

From social distancing to curfews and government and state-mandated closures, businesses are suffering the hardships of COVID-19. According to the United Nations Conference on World Trade and Development, the coronavirus epidemic might cost the global economy $1-2 trillion in 2020, which has already given the feeling of pain to several sectors and the communications industry is no exception.

Does Your Business require a PR strategy overhaul during Covid19?

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