What Brands are Doing to Up Their Game

All brands, in today’s time, are trying to have a competitive edge in the market. The USP of your firm, its mission, and vision along with your differentiated services determine your competitive advantage. They nudge customers to choose to buy from your brand rather than from other industry players.

Media Mantra bags 20 awards in Adgully’s Image XX 2021 edition

Media Mantra works with a vision to expand at the global level and work at par with the leading international PR firms along with propagating the fact that Public Relations is an extensive concept encompassing not just media relations but other gamuts of communication services as well.

Does Your Business Graph Get Down Due to Pandemic?

The coronavirus has become both public health and a PR challenge. Marketers are rushing to launch campaigns and adjusting communication that fits the time. At the same time, they are pondering as to when they can restart their advertising machine. The PR industry is re-writing its playbook to pitch reporters in the pandemic situation. PR executives are pulling media stories, ads, and campaigns that fit the current times.

Grow in the Glory of Gaming- PR Services Make it Delightful

The gaming industry is poised to be one of the most significant sectors of the next decade. Its revenues already exceed those of the movie industry. Top gamers today enjoy celebrity status, and their lifestyles are an inspiration to millions of would-be professional players.

How to Strengthen Your PR Strategy in 2020

With new developments constantly on the horizon, PR sector is having an exciting time. In the fast-paced environment of PR, if you want to thrive, you must constantly stay updated with emerging technologies and changing consumer expectations.


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