The Changing Dynamics of Digital Media

The digital era has and shall continue to influence social trends, which directly affects the consumer behaviour and choices. Change in consumption patterns can be tricky to understand or even recognise, and so brands today need to adapt their customer service accordingly. The ever-evolving digital media has opened up new possibilities of growth for brands.

How to Make Public Relations Drive SEO

We have dawned up to newer practices that have been disrupting the market since a long while. The current market has grown receptive to include new practices while maintaining the fabric of older customs...

Social Media and Political Communication in India

Social media and political communication in India have seen changes that can rival the shades a chameleon changes, in accordance with the situation that is brewed out of the mass following.

Digital Media Landscape in India

The Internet has forever altered the way we utilize and churn information, with Google's immense school of knowledge being within the reach of our fingertips.

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