Learnings Of Media Mantra From RSM 2016

  Every experience or endeavor undertaken comes with its own set of learnings, which allows an individual or organization to foster as a whole. The identical thing happened with Media Mantra, after the successful culmination of Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav 2016. The learnings garnered from handling an event as gigantic as RSM, are to be incorporated and exercised as regular practices. As we reckon our experiences, below mentioned are a few key learnings and takeaways that we, as an organization, gained during the event: Time management RSM 2016 was organized at a massive scale, which involved several government bodies, high-profile celebrities adorning evenings with their power-packed performances and media coming over for interactions. Since all of them were available for a limited period of time, it led to a major time crunch. Amidst this, Media Mantra successfully handled the nerve-racking task of facilitating interviews and media interactions, even under stringent timelines. Optimally managing time and ensuring media interactions, while maintaining the name of the event was successfully done by Media Mantra. Dealing with government entities Working in close association with government bodies is an entirely different experience in comparison to operating with corporate clients. While handling and administering such massive government organized events, stringent deadlines are always there to cater to. Like an army of PR professionals, our team was always available at the back and call of government officials. RSM was a major milestone and learning in the journey of Media Mantra, which prepared us to handle many more such endeavors. Efficient Task Management Our team was available at the forefront who took ownership of the entire event, starting from managing media to facilitating interviews to the formulation of high-quality content. Efficient task management was yet another key takeaway from this endeavor. If the tasks are being accomplished and delivered on time, it provides enough legroom to plan and be prepared in advance, also leaving a little room for errors.


Although our team was toiling hard and struggling continuously to deliver optimum results, on the outside, they made it look incredibly easy and natural with their brilliant execution. Exercising these profound learnings into daily processes will go a long way in handling clients in a better and efficient manner. Staying positive, keeping hopes high and working towards fulfilling the client’s vision, will not only keep them happy and satisfied but will also fabricate trust and credibility towards the organization.   Tags: PR Professionals, RSM 2016, Media Mantra

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