Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav, 2016- Another Milestone Added In Media Mantra’s Journey

India is a diversified nation, where a multitude of traditions, culture and beautiful art forms exist in an alliance. To successfully put forward a magnificent display of Indian heritage, Ministry of culture recently conceptualized and organized ‘Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav 2016’. Spread over 24-acre premises at Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, it housed more than 400 performers performing over 1200 acts and showcased handicrafts created by more than 250 master craftsmen from all over India clubbed with, varied cuisines prepared by traditional chefs, all under one- roof. This 10-day long event was nothing less than a voyage through India’s unexplored and vibrant folklore. Continuing its slew of managing prestigious events such as ‘Nayi Disha Naya Sankalp’, addressed by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Media Mantra bagged the ownership of handling yet another mammoth task i.e. RSM. The organization handled the entire event from managing media interactions to on-the-spot content creation and on-ground coordination with various government officials. Working with government bodies has always been a terrific experience and RSM was yet another milestone in the journey.  The organization certainly rose to the occasion, delivering results on time and exhibited an exemplary example of perseverance. Media Mantra took the entire responsibility on its shoulders to successfully create a buzz about the event and delivered performance much more than what was expected. Here is how the organization was successfully able to handle multiple tasks, in a speedy fashion:  

1. Setting up of internal Media Cell

To sail through those 10 days of excessive toiling and hard work, internal media cell was set up inside the IGNCA campus. This space was exclusively built up by Media Mantra to enable basic yet important facilities for the smooth functioning of operations. With the event being spread across acres of land, such small legroom was necessary as it acted both as a respite and a mini headquarter for the teams to huddle, strategize and brainstorm in regards to the approaching eventful day. This cell was the center of all operations that entailed a team of prolific and diligent PR professionals, content personnel, in-house photographers and IT experts all under one roof to make this endeavor a huge success.  

2. Adhering to deadlines

With corporate and other small and big enterprises, deadlines can be flexible but when it comes to working with government officials, there is hardly any opportunity to push the pre-defined time limits. For an entire period of 10 days, the content team was diligently working to provide matter and substance in advance and on-the-spot, as and when media collaterals were flagged off.  To achieve this, the team had to sit and get timely approvals from different zonal heads in a speedy fashion, alongside ensuring adherence to deadlines.    

3. Involvement of leadership at every step

The leadership team was closely involved in every activity during this mega event.  Every evening, VVIP personalities such as the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh and many celebrities of worldwide reputation such as Daler mehndi, Usha Uthup and others adorned the ceremony with their presence. While these eminent personalities took the centre-stage, Media Mantra not only highlighted their presence but ensured to continuously promote and keep the RSM event in limelight.   Media Mantra took significant measures and put all its expertise, knowledge and proficiency to make this event the highlight of the capital and nation. Amidst all the turmoil going on, the organization also adopted elaborative and strategic methods to control any crisis from taking place. Tags:  Media MantraMedia Mantra not only highlighted their presence but ensured to continuously promote and keep the RSM event in limelight.">PR Proffestionals 

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