Top PR Trends that will Shape the Industry in the New Decade

2020 marks the end of the last decade and the beginning of a new one. Even in the world of Public Relations, the new 20s will usher in a shift in the way organizations perceive PR. The industry has undergone a tremendous change in the decade gone by and has much to offer in the new decade. PR as a profession has become more relevant than ever before. There is no doubt that it has become a quintessential part of one’s organizational structure.

According to the PRCAI report, India’s PR business reached Rs 1600 crore in 2019 and predicts that 2020 will witness a growth of 12.5 percent, reaching Rs 1800 crore, indicating a half percentage point growth over 2019. Public relations agencies have come a long way, from being mere press relations to integrated communications agencies. They cover all facets of communications, be it marketing, advertising, event management or corporate communications. With the dominance of digital media, agencies of the future are arming themselves with owned, earned and paid media.

The notable trends that marked 2019 and which will be further strengthened in the coming years are: -

The rise in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and other technological advancements: Leaving behind the redundant practices of public relations, the new age agencies have started riding on technological advancements like AI, big data and IoT. The decade will witness more usage of these advancements and try to ease the complex word done by the agencies. Udit Pathak, Founder-Director at Media Mantra explained that the new decade in the industry will be ruled by technology. PR professionals will start exhibiting more inclination towards artificial intelligence and big data analytics. PR professionals will use the available resources to incorporate with technology to pacify their work along with increased efficiency and reduced time.  

Rising Micro-influencers PR: The last decade saw a paradigm shift in the business of influencing. From agencies, the baton of being agents of influence has shifted slowly to organic and micro-influencers. The rise in micro-influencers shows the importance of the vast audience present and the need for brands to connect with their subjects through these influencers. The PR agencies now have a greater and complex role to play.

Advertising and marketing are playing a significant role in PR strategy and outreach. The lines are blurring: The lines of communication are slowly and steadily blurring. With the advent of integrated agencies, clients have also become demanding and expect a 360 degrees holistic experience. 

PR role in purpose-based communication: The current media scenario and hyper-connected digital world, public relations have moved leaps and bounds from traditional press to effective community building and strategic advisory. This has opened avenues for us to be thinkers and enablers and not executors of press releases anymore. 

Increased Accuracy, Transparency, and Authenticity: In a bid to win the maximum likes and more reach, the industry had started compromising on the quality of work being delivered. The coming years will have to be dedicated to increased authenticity, transparency and avoiding disposal of fake news.

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