Grow In The Glory Of Gaming- PR Services Make It Delightful

The gaming industry is poised to be one of the most significant sectors of the next decade. Its revenues already exceed those of the movie industry.  Top gamers today enjoy celebrity status, and their lifestyles are an inspiration to millions of would-be professional players. Great things lie ahead for talented players in the gaming industry. The future of the gaming industry has never looked brighter, yet the sector faces some roadblocks as well

Managing the Perception of the Gaming Industry 
In a conservative country like India, playing games like poker, rummy, and teen pati may be frowned upon. The Indian public worldview is still likely shaped by tradition. Part and parcel of its culture is a wariness of games in which money but little or no skill seems to be involved. Those who play card games that involve real money online, while adored by millions, among the broader masses don’t command the respect cricketers or movie stars do. A reason why gamers don’t command as much respect as mainstream celebrities is that playing online games is viewed as a vice. Furthermore, despite ample evidence to the contrary, success in card games is still widely believed to be a function of luck.

The public still views cricket and movies to be sources of wholesome entertainment whose value to society exceeds that of gaming. For gaming companies, there is a need to manage the public’s perception of gaming. Successfully managing how the public views games like poker will play a massive role in helping the gaming industry reach its fullest potential. The gaming industry needs PR services. 

Public Relations Help Manage Perception
PR services help companies manage how they are viewed as publically. By letting businesses express their views about trending topics and events, PR services help them participate in a broad national or global narrative. Such participation allows enterprises to share their side of the story and express opinions that are pertinent to the success of their business. Without a robust public relations strategy in place, a business cannot react appropriately in good and bad times. Hence it misses opportunities when they arise, and its reputation suffers when crises unfold. The gaming industry, more than any other sector, needs to have good public relations.  

Games are Based More on Skill than Luck
The public’s current mindset is that success in online games is mostly a function of luck. The public widely believes that the most successful players are the luckiest. Skill is wholly divorced from success in online gaming even though insiders know that nothing could be further from the truth. For this reason, PR services are essential to gaming companies. 

Media Mantra is the leading gaming PR company in India. It has a solid track record of disseminating stories in the media that highlight the fact that success in games like poker and rummy is the result of skill, not luck. The undeniable truths that the masses don’t know like the consistent success of the most talented player are highlighted in the media by Media Mantra. Media Mantra successfully builds narratives that players are not just as good as the cards they hold but rather that the cards are only as good as players. Such a story is needed to bolster the gaming industry in India.    

Media Mantra is the leading PR company in India for gaming companies because the company understands that success in gaming is in no small measure the result of skill. Using its understanding that ability plays an overwhelming part in the success of gamers, Media Mantra disseminates stories that educate the public about the same.   

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