Traditional PR And Digital Marketing: A Match Made In Heaven

The realm of PR Industry is morphing, with the change of consumption pattern of content. One generally has the misconception that Digital cannot be mixed with Traditional PR, when in actuality, a symbiotic relationship needs to be formed. The requirement to revise traditional PR methods must be recognized and implemented, in order to accommodate more of a digital PR approach. In fact, traditional and digital PR methods must work in tandem to effectively promote clients

The two types of PR are targeted to reach different audiences.

Traditional PR strategies include traditional media, like newspapers and magazines, which have a reach of an extended readership that goes beyond their online counterparts.

On the other hand, Digital PR coverage takes advantage of search rankings and links to build up a connection with the reader, while promoting the product or service – something that cannot be undertaken by traditional PR mediums. The key is to understand how digital and PR practices can be clubbed together to create brand awareness to benefit the company. With the world going digital, people respond and interact with digital campaigns on a daily basis, aiding in responsiveness, memory retention and impact.

Furthermore, there is an added permanency with digital marketing as it remains in the digital sphere and can be re-shared years after being published. Also, comprehensive reporting metrics mean instant measurement of success, helping to demonstrate return on investment. These areas are where digital has a clear advantage over traditional. Likewise, PR professionals can offer knowledge of how different publications and journalists prefer to work, as well as celebrity or influencer endorsements that could otherwise have been near impossible to obtain. In today’s world, publicity is everything of course along with quality service or product. There is fierce competition in just about every sector, while the consumers typically decide for brands they are familiar with and which they trust. In order to earn the consumers’ trust, companies rely heavily on marketing strategists but they also rely heavily on PR specialists.

Unlike marketing which is focused on the promotion of the company’s products or services, the Importance of PR is primarily focused on communication with the public, e.g. the potential buyers and the media. By communicating relevant information pertaining to the organization and services, PR specialists also help in the promotion of the business. But above all, they create a positive public image and establish a relationship with the target audience and media. That way they gradually earn the consumers’ trust which as mentioned earlier, has a major influence on their decisions including the product/service they choose from the many available. content creation is one of the key struggles for businesses branching out into the world of digital.

However, by collating your digital with traditional PR, not only do you get to capitulate the digital audience, but also supplement it with print-based content and Press releases. Suppose, you are launching an online portal- the buzz can be created in both digital and offline forefront, to ensure maximum visibility. Hence, both traditional and digital PR is needed in today’s marketing environment. The digital method may be armed with the advantage of capturing the targeted audience’s attention, but traditional PR reinforces those online publishing to lend credibility to its younger digital faction.

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