Having A Media Training Interview Strategy

“Out of sight, out of mind” is the best possible way to describe the changing landscape in the current market arena. Hence, today, organizations aspire to be at the helm of affairs and strive to be in the limelight, at all times. For an organization to garner public attention, they need to be regularly seen and heard on diverse media platforms. Interaction with the target audience through various mediums (such as print media, broadcast media or interactive media) requires extreme proficiency in terms of delivering a message. This is where PR firms come into the picture. Today, while PR firms have the expertise to elevate brand visibility, they also have the skills to provide best-in-class media workshops that can drastically help you overcome odds and challenges while in an interview. PR professionals have aced the art of media interactions since they deal with media on a day to day basis, which makes them the best teachers in the business. Here, we discuss a few tips and tricks to help you connect with the audience and effectively get your message across in the media.  

Prepare in Advance

The first and foremost step in media interaction is ‘Preparation’. One must develop a strategic plan of action in advance, to put their best foot forward while communicating with media. Individuals must practice powerful and effective ways of dealing with media questions so that they can be answered in a precise manner. Another highly effective way of preparing for an important event is to practice role-play with your allies in business i.e. PR professionals; this gives you the look and feel of a real interview, henceforth, skilfully prepares you for media interaction.  

Speak in an influential Manner

Effective media interview strategy can teach you how to speak in an influential way that people can relate to. PR firms help you develop confidence while interacting with media through prolific exercises and drill sessions. One must also remember that along with words, your body language, tone, and facial expressions play a strong role in creating an impact, all-inclusive perception in the minds of the target audience.

Clearly, Define the Key Message

To convey exactly what you want while interacting with the media, one must clearly define the key messages. These key messages must be straightforward, comprehensible and original. Media training conducted by PR firms helps develop the modern-age techniques that train individuals to focus on crucial points throughout the interview. A few journalists may intentionally put you in the spot and ask questions that might elicit a controversial response. PR firms are well versed with such practices; therefore they can teach you to be calm and composed all throughout the interview in order to generate the desired outcome.   Tags: DIY Public Relations, Startup Failure 

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