The PR Space Will Be Reshaped By These Digital Trends In 2019

PR firms for startups enhance a brand's image and provide it a mouthpiece with which to tell its story. Today PR firms for startups also use the internet to tell a brand's story and to reach out to customers. When your customers are online, you should be too, right? Digital marketing allows companies to have a presence online. Every leading public relations firm for startups is skilled in crafting an online presence for its clients. As the year comes to a close, we’ve peeked into the future and decided to share with our readers what trends are likely to shape PR in the digital realm in 2019.   

Expect Smart Speakers to Gain Greater Prominence

Smart speakers are no longer for the wealthy in India. Many upper-middle-class households now use smart speakers and young children as old are 5 are experts in issuing commands to Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Google, their parents are not far behind. This means that it’s important to note that digital marketing is no longer confined to ranking higher merely on search engines but includes ranking higher on smart speakers such as Alexa and Homepod as well and greater visibility on the web. A successful digital marketing campaign in the future must incorporate greater prominence on smart speakers to be successful. 

The time between TV and Internet Soon an Even Split!

Next year we expect that among affluent Indians the time spent between TV and the internet will be evenly split. Amidst some demographics, it is already clear that more people spend time on the internet than do watch TV. Some younger households don’t feel the need for TV altogether. This means there’s been no better time than now to launch a digital marketing campaign as more eyeballs than ever before spend time gazing at phones, tablets, and laptops. The larger number of consumers gazing at smartphones will be vital in shaping PR trends in 2019 and will allow brands to craft their unique stories online. 

Advertising on Live Events Will Grow

The popularity of live events is growing, phenomenally. Life events are one of the best ways to reach audiences and their popularity has been growing since 2015. In 2019 we expect more people to watch live events than did in year prior and for public relations firms for startups to help brands be visible during important life events. Like more and more people shifting towards internet viewership, it’s also likely that gradually more people will tune in to live events online; although pre-recorded videos will continue to remain far more popular.

Over 80% of Online Traffic Will Search for Videos

We may feel inundated with videos in our daily lives yet the number of videos on social media and online will still continue to grow. According to us one of the key PR firms trends in 2019 will be an even larger number of videos online and more and more people searching for video content. A successful PR firms campaign that includes digital marketing must place advertisements in videos that are most likely to be watched by potential viewers. Remember it’s never been easier to create a brand on a frugal budget using the internet; the right public relations firm should be able to guide a brand so that it reaches the most suitable viewers.

Virtual Reality the Final Frontier

While yet not part of the mainstream in India, virtual reality will grow in importance as an advertising medium in 2019 and will continue to attract users in the years ahead. Like the countries, domestic telecommunications infrastructure grows and internet penetration increases, many more, especially the young will be on VR platforms. Every able PR firms should allow its clients to reach consumers in the VR space next year and in the years ahead.  Well, 2018 went by quickly; it seems like yesterday when we rang in 2018 surrounded with friends, drinks, and merrymaking yet consider how much the world has changed since, and more importantly how much more it is likely to change. A terrific public relations firm can help you manage the uncertainty that lies ahead and ensure you’re at the top of everyone’s search results next year and the years after that.       

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