Networking with Fitness - Success Script for Media Mantra

Media Mantra, one of the fastest growing Indian PR firms, has continued their tryst on creating a positive momentum in the PR sector, and their recently concluded inter-client Cricket Tournament cements the cause. The eponymous organization had hosted the league on 10th and 11th of March, 2018 at the Drona Sports Village, Sector 64, Gurugram, amongst fanfare. 8 strong and decisive teams - Swaran Soft, HDFC Life, Deal Kya Hai, AVS Realty, Envent, CFF, Trove Skills + Hashtag and Media Mantra, battled it out amongst food, fun and frolic.

Does AI play an important role in designing campaigns?

The Public Relations business is in line for a serious Artificial Intelligence (AI) upgrade. Leveraging AI into Public Relations is the next big thing on the block. The intersection of AI and PR has started to radically change the communications business, globally.

The Rs. 2000 Cr Opportunity... And How To Get There

With rapid growth of Digital and Social media, and changing media consumption pattern of millennial consumers, the PR industry needs to diversify and realign its services, become strategic partners for marketers and deliver direct impact on the business of brands to reach the projected growth for 2020

Reputation: An important ingredient for every brand

In this present day and age, the success of any brand is based on the reputation it carries – hence the importance of “reputed brands” among the mass. Reputation, along with perception, drive about 35% of investment decisions and it is proved in innumerable ways that companies with strong reputations command a price premium.

Tips for handling negative PR

The downside of living in the digital era is the rate at which bad press or negative feedback can spread to millions of people, much before you can even mount a defence. Reputation has always been important, and more so in our digital age.

How entrepreneurs can avoid PR oversights

The importance of incorporating Public Relations (PR) is becoming increasingly evident in the business, especially in the entrepreneurial arena. However, despite innumerable benefits of PR, entrepreneurs are still divided between two camps – few who are holding back on PR and others who jump into PR without prior information about this branch of communication.

Has the startup bubble affected PR business in India?

The arrest of Stayzilla founder, Yogendra Vasupal, is a sign of the current turbulence in the start-up sector. From stratospheric fundings to downsizing, the PR business in India has been a key part of pushing the great Indian start-up story. Firms had sprung up literally overnight that catered to the start-up boom and now are facing tough times.

Does Your Business require a PR strategy overhaul during Covid19?

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