Networking with Fitness - Success Script for Media Mantra

Media Mantra, one of the fastest growing Indian PR firms, has continued their tryst on creating a positive momentum in the PR sector, and their recently concluded inter-client Cricket Tournament cements the cause. The eponymous organization had hosted the league on 10th and 11th of March, 2018 at the Drona Sports Village, Sector 64, Gurugram, amongst fanfare. 8 strong and decisive teams - Swaran Soft, HDFC Life, Deal Kya Hai, AVS Realty, Envent, CFF, Trove Skills + Hashtag and Media Mantra, battled it out amongst food, fun and frolic.

The March heat, paired up with a promising premise of pairing competition with fun, had egged the players to perform to their optimal level. What was even more bracing was the participation of a women sport’s person from HDFC Life in the match, creating a platform where people surge to perform, free from gender-bias or age disparity.

This event was conceptualized by Media Mantra, with an eminent need to couple the cause of fitness and networking, on a single platform. Held in a league format, every team was required to play 6 league matches, with a participation fee of Rs 18,000. The prize money of Rs 11,000 alongside a swanky cup, heated up the stakes to an unprecedented level. A tough competition brewed between the 4 finalists as Swarn Soft, Deal Kya Hai, AVS Realty and Media Mantra provided a level fight till the end. Thereafter, AVS and Media Mantra went forward to play the final, where AVS won the league, through perseverance and grit.

"Amidst all the hustle and bustle across our daily discourse, we forget to pay heed to the importance of health and networking. This tournament was a great success and gave us an opportunity to meet beyond the boardroom and forge a vigorous and long-lasting bond, through healthy competition. Women players from HDFC Life taking the game in their stride, was a tribute to this endeavour. It inculcated a great synergy with the clients, who have now become our friends. What's more? People are eagerly awaiting the next edition" said Udit Pathak, Founder and Director, Media Mantra.

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