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What revival strategies can businesses adopt post COVID

The webinar had luminaries from the start-up industry as panelists-- Diksha Deo from INCUBSENCE, Nitin Goel from MyBranch, Narayan Bhargava Group, Vikash Anand from Flipspaces, Paras Arora from Qdesq, San Banerjee from ADDA, along with Udit Pathak, Director, Media Mantra. The panel was moderated by Ruhail Amin, a Senior Editor at the exchange4media group.

Communication plays an extremely important role. There is a lack of clarity in most aspects. So, communication coming from key stakeholders is important. Communication is the key. In this situation, it is essential to understand that if we don't talk, we won't be able to get the message across. PR has been a very important part of our re-marketing budgets. We took a conscious decision to not move PR. When you want quick visibility, it is the best way to get the message around. PR is the most important element for communication. There is an information overload. So, the right kind of communication to the right audience is essential.

Brands have become more mature now. They know exactly what they need to communicate. They know what the customer is looking for and the trend is going to continue for a year," added Pathak. Talking about the shift in consumer behavior, Pathak said, “ We have made a big change by WFH. Overall, if you look at the entire industry, a lot has changed and people are smart enough to come up with solutions."

Startups are highly focusing on improving the consumer experience. If your product isn't digitized, it's going to be very difficult to sell. We should also look at people working in the manufacturing area. They have to be out there because of infrastructure. For us, it is important to get the contactless tech to embed in that segment.

We need to consider that 75% of the labor force works in Manufacturing. We can't provide laptops and systems to them. So, in two years, we need to come up with a technology that can help the manufacturing employees to keep a check on their well being, whereabouts, needless contact yet being able to see their work. India has always shown the world the way forward. The 3Cs- Corona, COVID  & Cyclone can't stop us as we have and follow the P- Passion.

We really need to focus on going local and 'make in India'. Post-COVID, things are going to change. We just need them to slide in our direction. We need to look at solutions on how frequently we'll sanitize washrooms and cafeterias. Most companies that want to start functioning, have to be ready with certain SOPs before bringing people back.

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