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Redefining communication strategies for businesses: Udit Pathak of Media Mantra

The communication professional-cum-entrepreneur, Udit Pathak, is currently heading one of the prominent independent PR and integrated communications firms in India, Media Mantra. However, behind ‘the leading firm’ tag lies various hidden challenges and troubles that were tactfully tackled by him and his team.

Thriving with an aim to deliver high-end communication solutions to their clients, Media Mantra is recognized for its remarkable growth from the grass-root level. It is known for its expertise in client servicing, media relations, and premium content provision. Headquartered in Gurugram, it has branch offices across Mumbai and Bangalore. One of the leading creative PR firms, it provides a myriad of services ranging from image management, crisis management, press release management, Digital PR, social media management, Public Affairs along content creation.

It is known as the 9th fastest growing PR firm across the globe and the 2nd Fastest growing PR firm in Asia. While the journey was initially challenging, 8 plus years later, it is now counted as one of the leading PR firms and is also an award-winning communications firm.

It all started when Udit was just about to initiate his career! He belonged from a business family and hence envisioned having his own venture. However, before taking this step, he decided to work with key media firms to gather the relevant industry experience. While he was satisfactorily doing so, once he started his family, he thought this was a ‘now or never kind of situation.

He pushed himself and kick-started the preparations for setting up his PR firm in full swing. Udit worked consistently and persistently along with the support of his spouse, Pooja Pathak with an aim to launch their PR venture. The outcome of this hard work was the inception of Media Mantra.

Right from creating a place for itself in the industry to getting clients on board, to recruiting the right talent and maintaining the team along with building the image of the company, the firm that was once a start-up, has now had a good run in the communications industry. It is presently helping other start-ups in establishing and refurbishing their communication strategies.

Sharing about his roller-coaster ride, Udit Pathak, Director, Media Mantra, says ‘’Switching from a well-settled job to start my venture was indeed a risky decision. But 8 years later, now that I have had a successful run, I am glad the entrepreneurial streak in me guided on the right path. Of course, we had to face a lot of struggles but I am elated that we were able to surpass all of them. The journey from being a start-up venture to now being counted as one of the leading PR and fastest-growing communication firms gives me immense pride and joy. I am grateful to have a supportive spouse and a hard-working team who have made Media Mantra a success. All I hope is that we continue to provide the best of the communication strategies to our clients and keep on climbing the ladder of success.’’

Media Mantra has been recognized for its dedicated efforts and state-of-the-art communication solutions. It has various awards and accolades under its name for providing PR services to its clients. It was just recently that the firm was facilitated with the best mid-sized PR Consultancy of the year, specialized consultancy of the year in the start-up's category, and 9th fastest growing PR firm in the world.

Through his vast and diverse experience, Udit assists start-ups and brands to build and redefine their communication strategies and helps them achieve their business objectives. Under his guidance and assistance, Media Mantra has helped various ventures successfully cover their journey from that of a start-up to a brand.

The brand extends its services beyond traditional PR. Through the words of Udit along with the brand’s functioning, Media Mantra wishes to propagate the message that Public Relations is not just limited to having good media relations in place. PR is a broad concept and encompasses various processes of which media relations is just one of the important elements.

Media Mantra's long-term vision is to work at the global level. To do so, it is focusing on optimal utilization of the expertise of its team to design noteworthy communications campaigns for their clients.


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