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Reputation Today 100 Most Important Professionals – 2020

Reputation Today’s 100 Most Important Professionals list is now in its third year. The main objective of this list is to offer younger professionals a set of people whose professional journey can be an inspiration. It was first brought out in 2017 and was a ranked list. Then in 2019, we brought out the second edition in alphabetical order.

This year, in 2020, we have ranked the Top 25 that include 27 professionals, two of who feature as a team. We have listed the next 68 in alphabetical order. We have also featured five leaders who we believe are important in their own right. These include Arpana Ahuja, Jayoti Lahiri, Srishty Chawla, Tinu Cherian and Vikram Kharvi who lead powerful online networks of communication professionals enabling exchange of ideas, sharing of knowledge and keeping the India PR flag flying high.

The effort that goes into working on this list is humongous as it involves three levels of research – Maintaining a database of a long list and constantly updating it; Polling over 500 professionals to get names that may have missed our radar; Conversations with several professionals over three months. We are grateful to MediaValueWorks for their support in presenting this list.

Congratulations to our Co-founder & Director, Pooja Udit Pathak on being featured in the list of 100 Most Important Professional - 2020 by Reputation Today.
You are a great inspiration for the entire Media Mantra family


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