Media Mantra bags PR mandate of The Esports Club

Media Mantra has been awarded the PR mandate for The Esports Club, a company recognised as the home of Esports in India. Media Mantra will manage The Esports Club’s media duties, strategic PR and reputation management. The partnership between Media Mantra and The Esports Club will serve to bolster the latter by raising public consciousness about the brand. At a time when millions of gamers are idle at home, The Esports Club expects to reach its target audience to let them know about the ample gaming opportunities available online. Using Media Mantra's expertise, the gaming portal plans to let young gamers understand how they can have fun and make money on its platform.

Driven by the vision of "Creating a New You", Media Mantra is the preferred media partner of several leading brands. The firm helps brands skillfully navigate the media landscape by making publications, channels, and influencers work for them.  Leading players in the industry have come to count on Media Mantra to help them be shown in a positive light publically. Media Mantra’s deep connections with the media and its prowess in assisting brands look their best publically make it indispensable to clients. When Media Mantra's clients need to engage with the public to make an important announcement, their first act is to turn to the firm.

Media Mantra will deliver the same exceptional service to The Esports Club, which it has been giving its existing clients. The new partnership will help the gaming platform thrive in an increasingly uncertain world that presents both challenges and opportunities. The leadership at Media Mantra knows that the migration to digital platforms has increased substantially. While this presents challenges to some firms, those in the right place at the right time stand to benefit from this dramatic transformation. The PR firm expects to raise the profile of its newest client so it can take advantage of the enormous forces that are reshaping the world. Chief among these forces are the mass exodus to online platforms. Firms that act during this shift stand to gain in the long run and come out winners once normalcy resumes.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr Udit Pathak said “We’re delighted to have The Esports Club as our newest client. The firm is already hugely popular, and we will use our expertise to raise its profile in the country even further. Our talented team at Media Mantra has successfully managed firms in a wide range of industries, online gaming being just one. We understand how to articulate a firm’s value proposition to the media such that it receives the attention it deserves. The Esports Club has a very talented team and a great product. With our expertise, they will attain a position that is consummate to their product and efforts. In the past, every firm Media Mantra counts among its clients has benefited from its expertise. We help brands along their growth journeys. With our services, brands more easily reach the heights they aspire to reach. The Esports Club will be no different”.   

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