Celebrity Coordination

What is Celebrity Coordination?

Managing and Coordinating events involves celebrities from various genres. A main feature of any special events and public relations meeting is the creative talent like speaker, celebrity or other individual or group of people whose participation helps to make the event sparkling special.

In today's modern media-conscious world, celebrities are becoming key source to bring visibility and attract more attention of people for special events and promotional activities in any industry than other public relations, professional meetings and marketing strategies. Contacting celebrities requires vast research and specialized list of protocols.

What we do in Celebrity Coordination?

Media Mantra organizes events and arranges celebrities (such as Models, Sports Person, TV artists, Film Stars and many other famous personalities) for your events to make it more sparkling and attractive.

We are having a heard experience and our team managers are highly capable of arranging popular stars and in organizing such challenging events in the most efficient manner. Media Mantra works with myriad networks in casting celebrities, booking talent for guest, host, or special appearances, and planning promotional events and press opportunities. Our strong media contacts and large bollywood reach have become indispensable to clients.

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