Twitters Transition from 140 characters to 280 characters

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Twitters Transition from 140 characters to 280 characters

They say that less conveys the most out of things- keep it short and simple, after all. In the world of content-driven actions, this is essentially important. To bust a bubble here "great content" doesn't necessarily signify long flowing paragraphs of a saga. In fact, as Ronell Smith recently pointed out, "great content" doesn't, universally, mean anything at all. Its definition is subjective and sometimes mythical when what we need are pragmatic, clear boxes to check to determine whether our content efforts are on track. Which simply means that what seems as a common knowledge may not benefit in need of the hour. It is in shorter concise content that marketers find a greater reception in. This can stem from the fact that the attention of an average consumer keeps decreasing as we speak. This has created a platform for digital services to grow and thrive. What medium can signify this better than the lil birdie of all platforms- Twitter?

In the era of verbose Facebook statuses that pushes keyboard activism to greater heights, Twitter broke the shackles of too much information. It’s short and crisp words limit stood as a refreshing change, when pitted to the other formats interspersed in long-form content. Twitter’s character limit is a holdover from the app’s early days when tweets were sent as texts, which were limited to 160 characters, becoming one of finest defining characteristics of any social media platform. That, paired up with the little blue bird made Twitter an iconic entity ahead of its time. Social media updates got an unprecedented fillip as short and snappy news and updates became talk of the town. It has been also utilized as a wonderful tool for online reputation management- holding the power to sway the opinion to one’s favor, within its limited text frame. Soon the 160 dropped down to 140, chopping off a lump sum of 20 words- crucial if you view it from a marketer’s perspective. Yet, this revolutionary platform is again set to bring the industry stand still as it is set to increase its word limit to 280 characters- yeah, you heard it right! In a move to encourage more people to tweet, Twitter is doubling the number of characters, a first in its time. It will first come out as a test where a small group of Twitter users will now get 280 characters per tweet instead of the traditional 140 characters. Talk about building character!

In past, Twitter executives have greatly discussed the idea of expanding the product’s character limit, as an ongoing debate for product innovation. Things came to close development as in early 2016, Twitter seriously considered expanding the limit to 10,000 characters- a massive move to contend with.  But the charismatic Jack Dorsey had other plans, ultimately pulling the rug the update before it was even unveiled. And yet, here we are- with this humungous change driving both consumers and marketers into a frenzy.  This will certainly increase the bandwidth of content for marketers to gamble with. While this may come as welcoming news, only time can tell how effective would this move be for the digital world.


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