Technology Plays a Big Part in Successful PR Today

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Technology Plays a Big Part in Successful PR Today

Public Relations or PR is the art of skillfully nurturing and managing relationships. Today thanks to new digital technologies PR professionals can serve their clients even better than before. As millions of people are online, taking advantage of digital technologies to influence people and to shape the behavior and worldview of consumers is essential for every aspiring company. The power to influence a huge audience must be managed deftly and with great care. Only the most skilled PR professionals today have such talent and the technologies they use to serve their clients are elaborated below.  


PR and Big Data

Big Data is ubiquitous today and professionals employed in marketing, finance, and PR use Big Data to increase sales, generate higher returns on investments, and to act quickly and more intelligently to changing market dynamics. In essence, PR professionals who use big data to serve their clients are able to harness the science underlying Public Relations.

Often Big Data refers to data that is too large to be captured and interpreted by traditional business software tools. Yet it is also composed of smaller data streams such as sales figures, costs, and staffing numbers and other available data such as census data, website metrics, and industry data. A successful PR firm should be able to make intelligent decisions interpreting the big data that is generated using its client firm’s outputs, outtakes, and outcomes. Output, in this case, is simply the information that a PR firm produces and disseminates to create an impact on a target audience. The output becomes an outtake when the target audience draws inferences using the output disseminated. Finally, outcomes are the behavioral changes that outtake has on the target audience.  

By intelligently interpreting the big data generated by outputs, outtakes, and outcomes a PR firm can uncover actionable insights that lead to better decision making and in so doing help its client succeed in its endeavors.


PR and Social Media

Today the role of social media is nearly as important in shaping opinion and molding mindsets as that of the traditional media. As a matter of fact, among certain demographic groups, the role of social media is greater in shaping opinion than that of the print or electronic media is. By working alongside with influencers on social media PR professionals can help enhance the image of their clients in the least intrusive and most subtle manner. Often such influencers can shape the opinion of tens of thousands of loyal followers online and thereby cause a behavioral change in the target audience of a PR firm’s client. A simple example of the power of influencers is that in the recent past there have been instances when a single comment made online by powerful “influencer” has led to a substantial drop in the stock price of an established company.  

PR professionals are experts in nurturing relationships and can successfully build relationships with influencers and through them shape public opinion subtly to favor a trend or product.  


PR Professionals Use SEO Tools

Searching for services or products online is more common today than it’s ever been before. Because of a huge array of needs and demands among consumers, the majority of consumers know little else but to search online when they need a particular service or product. This is why the function of Search Engine Optimization is so crucial to the success of any business.

Consumers search for a product or service by entering a search query in a search engine. By learning the most common keywords within a search query a PR firm can create attractive content for its client by which the client’s portal is ranked optimally in online searches. PR firms are experts at creating such SEO optimized content for their clients.

The PR profession is essentially a people-centric business and successful PR professionals are well known for their exceptional people skills. However, PR firms that know how to leverage technology to complement their exceptional people skills have a lot more to offer clients than do PR firms that don’t understand the nuances of big data or the power of influencers on social media and of SEO.



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