Great PR Coups of Modern Times

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Great PR Coups of Modern Times

A great public relations campaign can not only improve how a brand is perceived but can actually rescue a brand from near catastrophe. Ever since the first PR professionals began their career nearly 100 years ago, they have often played a pivotal role in managing their client’s public image. Such management includes clarifying a client’s position with respect to a piece of news concerning it or disseminating newsworthy information about a client. Successful public relations campaigns have also led to changes in how a brand is perceived and how a brand’s name is used by consumers in everyday life.


Tampered Tylenol Bottles

In 1982 several people in the US died because they had consumed the popular pain reliever Tylenol because a few Tylenol bottles had been laced with cyanide. Before such deaths, Tylenol held more than 35% of the market share of over the counter painkillers. This dropped to under 8% within a few weeks after news about tampered Tylenol bottles became public. Most experts predicted the death of the Tylenol brand however within a year and after a $100 million investment Tylenol recaptured its lost market share.

The company was able to do so by publically recalling all Tylenol bottles and by adding features to new bottles that made it obvious to anyone if such bottles were tampered with. Through the use of public relations and by being transparent about its actions, the leaders of Tylenol were not only able to rescue the brand from oblivion and actually allowed it to win back consumers trust.


When a Brand Becomes a Verb

Perhaps the most successful consumer brands are those which are used as verbs. For instance, it’s common to ask someone to “Google it” or “Paytm Karo”. So popular are such brands that they have become a part of people’s daily conversation. Even some people who don’t know how to Google, know the significance of “Google it”.

Usually, a brand has to be around for a long time before it is used as a verb, Google achieved this feat within a decade of its inception while the Indian brand Paytm became a verb largely overnight because of demonetization. Telling someone to perform an action which is the name of a brand is a powerful affirmation of the brand. It means that the brand is such an important part of people’s daily lives that its name is used to describe an everyday action.    

Google and Paytm are more than just companies; they are things that we do which is certainly an example of a great PR coup.


There’s a Tesla Orbiting between Earth and Mars

Until just over a decade ago space travel it was thought could only be successfully undertaken by national or international agencies. Today there’s a Tesla Roadster in orbit between Earth and Mars and it was put there by a Space X, a publically traded company. Putting a Tesla Roadster in orbit is certainly one of the slickest examples of public relations in recent memory and shows Space X in a cool new light. Space travel is no longer associated with nerdy rocket scientists sitting in from of computers in mission control; space travel is for the intrepid who also have a youthful spirit. The fact that speakers on the orbiting roadster are blasting David Bowie’s 1971 hit “Life on Mars” certainly makes its launch an enviable PR coup.

A great public relation campaign not only has the potential to rescue a brand but can even make a brand a part of people’s daily vocabulary or cast a brand and its offerings in a cool new light. While a company may genuinely have a great product or service it still takes great PR to make the general public desire such a product or service.



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