An Affair to remember- The Gleeden Case Study

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An Affair to remember- The Gleeden Case Study

Successful PR campaigns are made from thought-provoking ideas that set the ball rolling on a newly minted direction.To establish a newer thought in the society, one has to break the shackles of old-school perception and this case study has its kernel entrenched in the roots of Indian custom and fidelity. Often, we come across a variety of clients, with their discerning demands, catering to segments we could never fathom. Gleeden is one such client that has held our value for versatility to the core- it is a segment that requires special attention owing to the sensitive category that it serves i.e dating for married women.  And although this section came with its own set of challenges- our premium blend of services has ensured that we deliver the right kind of buzz that our esteemed client requires.

Who are Gleeden? is a premium dating site for married individuals, looking to elicit an affair under the discerning eyes of the Gleeden supervisors. It facilitates a platform to make extramarital encounters confidential, discreet and safe. Members can meet, chat and interact with other members to find whatever they may be looking for.


Their goal is to generate prolific brand awareness, being the extramarital expert for Indian media and become the unique player on this market in the country.

The problem

Gleeden is a France- based organization, accustomed to sexual liberation and mysticism amongst women.  The French women are an admirable segment of the global diaspora- vibrant, wiley and oozing in mystery. The very qualities that set Gleeden apart from the “me-too” dating site, stood to be a barrier when it comes to finding favour in India. India is essentially a nation steeped in tradition and culture, where women had no call when it comes to taking control of their sexuality. While women here were realizing the advent of a bad marriage, they hadn’t found their voice in being open about circumstances. This was more than just a revenue-centric work- we(Media Mantra) were fighting for a social uprising and therefore, had to act fast and decisive.

The Communication objective

Our objective for PR campaign planning was three-pronged:

1# To position Gleeden India as number one dating site for married people, to get them a specific platform to safely indulge in new encounters

2# To Introduce and create awareness about the platform among the general masses in India

3# Highlight the firm’s business and growth strategy by establishing effective communication network at every desired level

The above three were diverse in their treatment and required a great deal of inputs, on both action-based and content-based categories.

The PR strategy we applied

Tact, paired up with sensitivity is the common emotion through which we carried the PR campaigns forward. Firstly a sensitization was required amongst the journalists and media personnel, in order to make them the brand’s mouthpiece to the consumers. Our PR strategy was divided into the following categories:

Step 1: Information seeding

Here, Company and the spokesperson were introduced to the relevant media. This helped in bridging the communication gaps.

Step 2: Announcements

As a first step to introduce the brand amongst mass, formal announcement of company’s developments, new projects or product launches thorough press release dissemination, were conducted. A mild sense of awareness was created.

Step 3: Trend Stories

One needs to go through a varied set of trends to establish a brand presence.  Therefore, participation in relevant stories through actively pitching story ideas and exploring participation opportunity in Industry stories was undertaken. The curiosity was ramped up to another notch, through this.

Step 4: Guest Articles

To be a leader, it is important to exhibit leadership qualities. Here, authored article opportunities were worked upon, positioning the spokesperson as an Industry thought leader. Now the organization was speaking the land’s language.

Step 5: Relationship building meetings

Building a bridge the helps cover the gaps. To bridge the gaps between target media and company, meetings were organized with key journalists and interviews and features were established.


The cat was out of the bag- Gleeden found connect amongst the audience and its user base increased at a rapid pace. This proves the old adage- when there is a will, there is always a way. It is such challenging clients that form a valuable feather on our cap and we continue providing our best to empower a revolution far ahead of its time.



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