Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as Part of a Brand’s Identity

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as Part of a Brand’s Identity

From 2014 all companies that generate 5 crores of net profit, or have a net worth of 500 crores or a turnover of 1,000 crores must give back at least 2% of their net profit to society. The purpose of such a strict CSR code in India is to ensure that companies that have benefited the most economically give back to the society in which they have prospered.  

CSR Adds Brand Value

Media Mantra is a unique PR Agency that helps companies leverage their CSR activities to strengthen their corporate brand. A CSR initiative provides an excellent opportunity for companies to let society know what the company is doing for the betterment of society. A skilled digital marketing agency like Media Mantra can help large and medium-sized companies that have a CSR initiative stand out head and shoulders above their competition.

A well managed and benign CSR initiative that's undertaken by a company will certainly add to a brands equity but a company’s accomplishments can best be highlighted by a talented PR agency. To be successful in promoting a company, a PR agency must ensure that its client ranks high among search engine queries. Media Mantra has expertise in search engine marketing that ensures it’s clients rest easy knowing that their well managed CSR initiatives are communicated to a wide audience.

An Obscure CSR

A company that has a CSR initiative has every right to leverage its effort giving back to society to create awareness about the parent company. Simply put a CSR that few have heard of doesn’t benefit as many as it has the potential to. When a socially responsible initiative leads to tangible improvements in the lives of those it impacts, it becomes a case study that others may also choose to copy. A successfully managed CSR initiative promoted under the aegis of a deft PR agency has the potential to create even more similarly successfully CSR initiatives. An obscure CSR initiative that doesn’t get the attention it deserves helps fewer people than it should.

CSR Milestones

Skilfully Media Mantra can help highlight the milestones of a well managed CSR. Highlighting the accomplishments of a CSR certainly help the company that has taken action to help society. Milestones that a CSR has completed can, in the hands of skilled PR magicians, enhance a company’s brand.

Everyone’s Online

People's 30-minute attention spans have dropped to a mere 20 seconds, if an audience isn’t engrossed in this span of time while online, they’ll move on to something else. As a digital agency Media Mantra helps companies attract eyeballs on CSR stories that its clients want to share. Certainly, every organization that has a CSR component strives to succeed in its business endeavour, an adroit PR agency will help a company maximize its CSR initiative to enhance the way it is viewed in other equally important commercial spheres.  

An effective CSR plan need never be viewed as an unnecessary expenditure. Instead in the hands of a skilful PR partner who knows how to effectively utilize digital PR techniques and take advantage of social media marketing, search engine marketing, among other digital tools, a CSR campaign will greatly enhance a brands identity.    



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